Quote of the Day 11 April 2005

A conversation on Sunday between three people.

DPF: So how was your day

Female: Oh pretty good. Went to a swimming pool in Upper Hutt with xxx

DPF: Sounds fun

Female: Oh it was, except I was the oldest person there and the only girl with breasts so all the pre-pubescent boys were staring at me

DPF: Were you wearing a one-piece or a two-piece

Female: A two-piece of course

DPF: You do not wear a bikini to the swimming pool. They are for beaches.

Female: Well I don’t have any one-piece swim suits

DPF: Well no wonder all the pre-pubescent boys were staring at you

Other Male: I suspect many of them hit puberty today

DPF: Uproarious laughter

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