Hamish is upset

Hamish at Fighting Talk calls me a disgrace and a wanker for my comments on the Capill case, saying my comments were defamatory.

I obviously disagree. I made the point he has not been found guilty, and in fact that Capill has yet to make a plea on the latest charges. However regardless he already has pleaded guilty to being a paedophile in the other case.

As for the comments in the Herald, well I actually never ever spoke to the Herald. NewstalkZB phoned me up and asked about my blog and comments on Capill – the Herald have just used their story. I actually said to them that what I had posted was in a bit of a grey area as he has been found guilty of some charges, and we do not yet know his plea in the others. As with all interviews only a couple of lines out of ten minutes gets used.

PS – Aaron has blogged on this also.

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