Lately I’ve been doing an all nighter around once a week, as I try to juggle blogging with the election, InternetNZ and oh yeah earning an income. This week I am onto my third all nighter (posting times should make it easy to work out what nights the other two were) as I try to finish various things before having to head to the airport at 5.00 am. I suspect only sleeping every second night is not a good idea, but you do get used to it.

Anyway the upside is that by chance I discovered TV3 has MASH on at 1.30 am. Tonight was I think the saddest episode of them all – the one when Henry Blake gets discharged but his plane home is shot down. I’d forgotten how great MASH was, and how especially powerful that episode was. Such a shock ending also with no hint it was coming.

At some stage I must get hold of the entire MASH series. I need to do something with my new 250 GB external hard drive 🙂

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