Around Luxembourg

Luxembourg is small, very small. If you drive in any direction you will probably cross the border in 30 minutes. Despite this, it took the bus driver 45 minutes to get people to the official dinner on Monday night!

Luxembourg City itself has only 80,000 population. We were staying in the European quarter which is very dull. The architecture is the worst of the 70s with mirrors everywhere. You know it is dull when Gabriella from Brussels complains about how boring it is!

The older sections of LC are nice to get around, and some photos are below. Memorable events in looking around were:

* Popping in to a hair salon for a cut, and being charged around NZ$70. Trust me it is a long long time since I have had to pay that much for a hair cut!

* Sharing a taxi in with Gabi (from Switzerland) and then randomly running into her an hour later in an embrace. She looked incredibly pleased the Kiwis had turned up and said goodbye to the gentleman. When I mentioned how weird it must be to run into an old friends in Luxembourg she elaborated that she had never ever met him before, and that he had just come up to her said she was beautiful, and was insisting on guiding her around all day and had suddenly embraced her.





ICANN 020.jpg

Note that PDT was not the focus of this photo – he just was in the way 🙂

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