Respectful Disagreement Meme

Richard Chappell of Philosphy, et cetera has tagged me with the Respectful Disagreement Meme where you name three people you disagree with a lot, and say nice things about them.

No 1 is Frog, even though technically not a person – more a collective like et al. I disagree with Frog on numerous issues, but always appreciate the calm rational way he/she/it debates issues and plays the ball not the man.

No 2 is Tim Selwyn. Tim’s views on treaty issues is about as far away from mine as you can get. And in theory I should be highly disapproving of his umm extra-curricular activities, but I do enjoy him blogging his own trial, and the wide range of issues he posts on.

No 3 is Peter Cresswell. PC, like most in the Libertarianz, seem to regard all non-libertarians as like peas in a pod and often attacks things which I beleive are good steps in the right direction, because they are not “pure” enough. However I love the fact that we have a constant advocate for liberty out there, keeping the bastards honest so to speak.

Now I need to tag five people to answer. I pick the three above, plus No Right Turn and Aaron Bhatnagar.

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