More nuclear excitement

You know I can’t even work up the anger to condemn Goff’s absolute mis-use of MFAT notes, mainly because my expectations of something approaching correct behaviour are now so low.

But refusing all requests for the notes for over a year, and then on the final question time using a partial selective extract is just about what one has come to expect. Never mind it has destroyed MFAT’s ability to attend such meetings for all time. It is a mis-use of Ministerial power on par with Muldoon referring to police files of Colin Moyle.

As for the substance, it shows a silly question *may* have been asked 18 months ago. And it also shows that it was an exchange that lasted ten seconds and led to nothing.

Such meetings often have free and frank exchanges. I have heard reliable reports that a Congressional delegation met with a group of Labour MPs and the Labour MPs said that they agreed the ban on nuclear powered ships was stupid, and that if one proposed a brand new law today in that regard no sensible MP would vote for it, however that was a different issue to changing an existing law. Now I’d love to see the MFAT notes from that meeting.

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