What a cheap bastard

The Manawatu Standard has the story of the first year student who saw an advert for a film experiment and found out they wanted to appear in a porn film.

Now absolutely agree with her on false advertising is bad etc. But what intrigued me is that the cheap bastard making the film was only offering $200. I have no idea what the going rate if for appearing in a porn film, but that sounds miserly if you are going to ask someone to risk years of future recognition etc.

Hmmn just done a Google on “pay rates for porn stars” and got a sponsored link for the NZ Government’s worksite 🙂

However checking other links out I find that maybe he is not that stingy. This article says guys get only US$250 – US$500 a day and girls $500 – $700 a day. You’d have to make a lot of movies to live off that.

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