A sensible view on gay adoption

As I have commented before many try to portray Brash as a throwback to the 1900s or 1800s. But again it isn’t the case. Take gay adoption.

Pitt the Younger blogs how Don Brash was interviewed on Christian radio about this and his response was:

“He said two things. One was that he accepted the two parent family was best for kids, and that kids ought to be there if possible. Then he said that if that wasn’t possible, and gay adoption was a better option than what the kid had now, he supported it.”

As Pitt observes, he stuck by his principles regardless of the audience, just as he also told Grey Power he would not change the prostitution law or civil union law.

Brash is not a radical campaigner for social justice. However he is someone who can look at an issue logically and come down on the side of fair play as we see with his advocacy for Peter Ellis.

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