Another e-mail

Another stolen email has surfaced, this time on One News last night. Incidentially this pretty much confirms they are in the possession of someone very hostile to (not an insider) and media savvy as they are leaking them over a period of weeks to different media outlets.

What is very amusing is that beloved (and desperate) Helen has categorised Bryan Sinclair’s advice to “open up the cheque book as excruciating as this will feel” as “very nasty right-wing politics designed to turn kiwis against each other and buy an election”.

You see Bryan is obviously referring to extra spending on various initiatives (you know the sort Helen has been announcing), not tax cuts, because there is no way reducing taxes would cause excruciating pain to Dr Brash – quite the opposite.

So to follow Helen’s logic if pledging to spend more money on initiatives is “very nasty right-wing politics”, that must make Helen a very, very, very nasty right-wing politician.

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