One degree of seperation

Found amusing reading this story about coalition negotiations, that I can claim some linkage to every chief of staff.

Labour’s Chief of Staff, Heather Simpson, taught me economics at Otago University.

The Green Chief of Staff, Deb Moran, was the women’s affairs private secretary in Jenny Shipley’s prime ministerial office, where I also worked.

The United Future Chief of Staff, Rob Eaddy, was Jim Bolger’s Chief of Staff when I worked for Ministerial Services.

The Maori Party ‘Adviser” Ken Mair I met at Moutua Gardens when we drove up there to invite him to attend a Young Nationals conference and speak on why he was occupying the gardens.

NZ really is a very small country with lots of party hopping amongst staff also! 🙂

Also in the story the Maori Party says it is looking at a range of options for support. Spanner takes a guess at what that might be.

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