Operation Police Rescue

has launched Operation Police Rescue. Now personally think all you need to do is sack and one will be 90% there, but some sensible extra ideas are pledged:

* Boost the police front line with a target of the Australian police-to-population levels. In 2002 these were 230 per 100,000

* Recruit experienced, retired staff to join the 111 communications centres

* ensure all traffic patrols are directed to respond to 111 emergencies.

* Abolish parole for all repeat and violent criminals so police are not continually chasing career criminals and locking them away.

* Scrap quota ticketing for traffic offences so traffic policing to focus on killer and killer drivers, not ticket quotas.

* Take DNA from everyone arrested.

* Cut form-filling demands. Recent reports show that on average an officer fills out 14 forms for each domestic lock-up.

* Lower of criminal responsibility to 12; move offenders to the Youth Court after two family group conferences; and establish parenting orders to support parents of persistent young offenders to learn skills to deal with their children.

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