The PM At Vic

Decided to pop up to Vic Uni at lunchtime and see how the PM’s visit went. Took the camera in case there were some good photos of airline pilots and I was not disappointed.


Now you have to admire someone who is willing to go to such lengths to make a protest. He was hilarious as he got closer and closer to the front, and finally as he made it there around a dozen flunkies tried to block him from the PM’s view. This sent the media crazy as they filmed him being blocked. I do give credit to the PM thought for her quip about needing a magnifying glass.

Further photos and comments after the break. Make sure you read about the attempt to hide away the taxpayer funded flag!


Plenty of Greens supporters there also. They sensibly kept their clothes on.


A protesting airline pilot.


The Labour-Green coalition at work.


Labour made sure this time all their supporters were up the front. I did manage to get up there also but was very well behaved. Barry Soper on Prime TV just described the supporters as “many coming from the parliamentary research unit”.


The PM there, and well done to Jordan W who got the Don Brash for PM sign in the shot behind her. Three Young Nats reported they got spat on by unhappy Labour supporters.


This gentleman was a self appointed guardian of free speech who kept moving about to block the TV cameras filming a protester behind him. He even refused to stop blocking the TV cameras when the cameramen asked him to.


The Labour flunkies tried to block any TV show which Helen wouldn’t approve of and moved their hoardings and balloons to achieve this. Two girls almost came to blows when one girls stuck her red balloons in front of a feisty young actette and she sensible just started popping the balloons. But after some eyeballing and verbal abuse no fight broke out. I was going to bet on the ACT girl.


As I said Labour was quite smart to get all their activists up front and they tried to block views of the rest of the crowd. While the 150 or so up front yelled and screamed everytime Helen opened her mouth, the vast majority of the 1,000 or so people there just watched with no clapping at all. I suspect they were just there to see the PM.


A rear view of the intrepid young ACT protester.


Now what is Jordan C doing in this photo. Looks like he is trying to hide something. Well yes he is. A fucking huge parliamentary crest on that banner showing that it is something else you and I have had to pay for through our taxes. I wonder how that fits in with parliamentary service guidelines -being at an election rally.

The moment Jordan saw me move with the camera, he set a land speed record to block the photo.


And finally quickly dismantling the banner so no proof of the taxpayer funding could survive!

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