Free Speech thanks to DPF

Outgoing VUWSA President Jeremy Greenbrook blogged today that incoming President Nick Kelly asked him to withdraw a comment Jeremy made regarding the 2006 executive. Jeremy goes on to say some platitudes about the various members of the 2006 Executive.

His original post is on his presidential blog and we see a “cencered (sic) by incoming president” on it.

Unfortunately both Nick and Jeremy seem to have forgotten about Google’s cache. Now this will disappear in a few days, but for the sake of free speech, I report the unedited words below:

Nick Kelly has been elected VUWSA President for 2006. He will be fine – he’s been on exec as long as I have – but I am worried about his executive. With only the odd exception they seem like a bunch of Muppetts.

Now I think muppetts (sic) are cute. Hell some days I’d love to be called a muppet. Talking of muppets I’ve just read that there will be a parody of America’s Next Top Model called America’s Next Muppet. Heh.

Anyway Fozzie Bear was a cool muppet. If I was a muppet I would want to be Fozzie.

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