Green Bashing

Insolent Prick brands the Greens as “a socialist brand that tries to hide its real agenda behind the caring, sharing, friendly face of conservation and protection of resources” and decries Nicky Hager’s comments at Rod Donald’s memorial.

More scholarly, but no less damning, is Trevor Loudon who chronicles the career of Keith Locke in two parts. The summary is:

* Involved with League for Socialist action, a Trotskite Group
* In August 1970 he addressed Wellington Radical Activists Congress, arguing for Trotskyism at the session “Maoism or Trotskyism, which way for the revolution in New Zealand?”
* Labour unsuccessfully tried to expel Locke as a member in 1974
* April 1975 Locke wrote a lead article for Socialist Action under the banner heading: “Cambodia Liberated: Victory For Humanity” The “liberators”
* In 1976 said “Capitalism cannot be trusted with nuclear power. . . socialism . . . would step up nuclear power research in order to make it safe”
* February 21st 1980 Locke gave a talk in Wellington “Why Workers Should Support Soviet Action in Afghanistan.”
* October 1983 Locke signed a letter to US President Reagan protesting at the invasion (ie liberation) of Grenada
* National co-ordinator of the Philippines Solidarity Network whose role was to provide solidarity for the Maoist insurgency in the Philippines.

He has been a busy boy!

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