NZ Herald on Winston

The NZ Herald slams the Government’s decision to allow the Foreign Minister to not even be a member of the Cabinet External Relations and Defence Committee as “ridiculous”.

The editorial points out NZ First could have chosen to support Labour without insisting on a Ministerial job for Mr Peters, and that his role “becomes more ludicrous by the week”.

They conclude by saying “If he wants to pretend he is Foreign Minister the least he could do is contribute to the decisions he must defend. Otherwise he declares his job a sinecure – all status, no responsibility.”

Also on the same note well done to presumably National Research Unit who found old quotes from Helen Clark on on NZ First such as “the coalition partner from hell”, “like a parasite, which feeds on its host and in the end becomes indistinguishable from it”.

I like the way the Government is always referred to as the Labour/NZ First or Clark/Peters Government. You can see the pained expressions on Labour MPs faces everytime it is repeated.

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