Vic Fees up 5% to 10%

Vic Uni has voted to put fees up by 5% to 10%, which gave David Cassidy another excuse to show off his bottom in the Dominion Post!

Personally VUWSA needs to take much of the blame for this. They actively supported the demands by AUS for pay rises for staff. They even supported industrial action which affected their own members, just to support their union colleagues.

People like me tried to warn them that if you support a pay increase for staff, then you will lead to fees going up which is a betrayal of their members. But no, no – they insisted that the nice kind Government would cover all the costs of any pay increases, and hence their actions would not lead to fee increases.

Well they were wrong. And sold their students down the drain. Almost hypocrisy to then protest the near inevitable. And you know the worst thing – if you are a student and feel betrayed by what VUWSA has done – you can’t even choose not to join them next year.

Personally I think 2006 students should all write to VUWSA saying they can’t afford to pay their VUWSA fee, because thanks to VUWSA their tuition fees have gone up by several hundred dollars.

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