Benson-Pope report out

The Police report into Benson-Pope is out tomorrow, but the friendly HoS has been shown a copy by the 9th floor in exchange for using the 9th floor spin about more pupils say they can’t recall it, than say they can.

Frankly when it comes to something that happened 20 years ago, the number of students who can’t recall it is irrelevant. The issue is how many people say that it did happen, and is there any grounds to suspect they are lying or mistaken.

Seven students have confirmed the tennis ball incident happened. This is why the Police concluded it did happen.

According to the HoS (and lets wait for the actual report) there are no witnesses to the allegation he struck a student in the face on a school camp. This is certainly the more serious charge, yet of course now the real issue is whether or not he lied a few months ago.

As with everyone else, I await the full report. Or should I say the almost-full report after the Police delete any portions the Cabinet Minister asks them to.

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