MP Ratings

Trans-Tasman (published by press gallery veteran Ian Templeton) has published his annual ratings for all 121 MPs. The NZ Herald and Stuff have already done stories on some of the top and bottom placed people.

As always I like statistics, so here are some interesting stats:

2004 Average: 4.40
2005 Average: 4.43

Averages by Party (2004 in brackets)

Labour 4.45 (4.48)
National 4.53 (4.46)
NZ First 4.00 (4.07)
Green 3.92 (3.50)

I’ve only included parties with six or more MPs, and the 2004 average is only for those MPs which were returned to Parliament.

If we exclude new MPs (those not there in 2004) the average for each major party is:

Labour 4.51
National 4.98

The top ranked MPs are:

1 Clark (Lab) – 9
2 English (Nat) – 8
3= Brash (Nat)

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