Canadian Dirty Tricks

I used to think the US had the worst dirty tricks in politics but Canada seems to be setting new lows. I think it shows how bad it is when one party stays in power for so long.

In Saskatoon-Wanuskewin (great name eh) the Conservative candidate was taking part in a televised live candidate’s forum. One of the callers accused Maurice Vellacott, a former pastor, of sexually assaulted a former parish secretary.

Vallacott demanded that the TV station give him the called ID number of the caller. They did so and the call originated from the local Liberal Party Campaign Office!!! Incredible!

The Liberal candidate has said yes the call came from his office but has denied knowledge and said that a member of the public may have snuck in and made the call. This sort of claim would lack credibility at the best of times but when it emerges the caller waited on hold for 12 minutes to make the defamatory allegation, well it speaks for itself.

And to make it worse someone has sworn an affidavit that they recognised the voice as being a George Laliberte who is a well-known associate of the Liberal candidate. Oh and upon being informed it is one of his long standing associates the Liberal Candidate said “but I just think that volunteers do things out of anger and frustration sometimes that you can’t control. Mr. Vellacott is the kind of person who generates extreme responses to his extreme positions”. So you see it is all still the Conservative Party’s fault his associate phoned up the TV show!!!

I can’t imagine how corrupt or desperate one would have to be (let alone stupid) to spend 12 minutes waiting on a phone calling from your campaign office, to accuse an opponent of sexual assault.

On related news, while I do disapprove of Wikipedia vandalism, I did have to laugh at the insertion of an image of the Hindenberg Disaster on the Canadian Liberal Party Page.

Mind you the latest polls have the gap narrowing to 7%, and FPP elections often have real surprises, so election night will still be very tense for all I am sure.

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