Empire Drinking Game

I blogged last week on the Empire TV mini-series and how to put it kindly it had some mild departures from known history.

Or to put it less kindly it was like a very bad spin-off of Star Wars.

However being masochistic I will be watching it again tonight (9.30 pm on One) to see how it goes. But DG has made an excellent suggestion that we have a drinking game to go with it.

The drinking game is simple. Every time there is a scene which looks or sounds like it could be from a Star Wars movie then you consume.

So references to the power of the senate get a drink, scenes showing Octavianus sneaking around hooded like a jedi get a drink, battle scenes with jedi type moves etc etc.

Should make the evening far more pleasant!

UPDATE: Oh my God. A black Roman general!!!! This is like having a white guy play Martin Luther King. The Romans did not in 44 BC have black generals to put it mildly.

Also Octavian never had the Senate trying to kill him he never pretended to be a slave and never became a gladiator!!! Last episode at least had some factual accuracy such as well Caesar did die. This one seems to be total myth.

UPDATE2: Brutus becomes Pontifex Maximus!!! Ahem that was Lepidus – Brutus was never chief priest. And I also don’t think Cassius would pash Brutus’ mother as he was married to her daughter!

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