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At lunch yesterday with Zen Tiger from SH and Murray from SR, we chatted about the desirability of having our own NZ Blog Awards to celebrate the diversity of the NZ .

This isn’t too compete with other excellent awards such as the Netguide Internet ones, but to have something complementary just for NZ blogs with multiple categories to compete in. One would time it to not overlap.

And the perfect name would seem to be calling them the NZ Blog Baubles 🙂

Now this isn’t motivated by self-interest. In fact I would rule my blog ineligible because of any role I would take with being a catalyst for making them happen (not to say I would expect to win anything if I was eligible anyway).

And judges would not be any NZ bloggers but either some international bloggers and/or some NZ judges (perhaps from the IT media).

So anyway, welcome feedback on the concept, on what would be fun and competitive categories, and what sort of people (roles more than names) could be approached to be judges.

Some categories to consider are:

Best Overall NZ Blog

Best Personal Blog

Best Group Blog

Best Designed Blog

Best Political Blog (chosen from winners of maybe four sub-categories)
– Best Left Blog
– Best Right Blog
– Best Non-Partisan Blog
– Best MP/Candidate Blog

Best Themed Blog

Funniest Blog

Best New Blog

Best Single Post

Best Tagline

Best Podcast

As I said feedback is welcome. The idea as I said is to celebrate good blogs (and there are many great ones in NZ, blogs are not just political) and have a bit of fun doing it. If there is a lot of support, would also welcome offers to be on some sort of interim steering committee that would draft a few simple rules.

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