Oh dear oh dear oh dear

I have almost had to restrain my laughter as over the last few days I read of the complicated love/hate trianages/quadrangles of four bloggers.

Start here with this posting on the Whig.

Then read over at Kelly’s for more bad encounters.

Then head to Clint’s and read the comments there. Also make sure you have been reading the previous comments also.

Then finally go to Pink Panda who lays into Whiggie and Whiggie responds.

1st thought: Why does PP thinks that Whig scoring a woman in a wheelchair is somehow bad.

2nd thought: After reading all this, maybe Destiny were right after all 🙂

UPDATE: And now Annika posts a previously deleted comment. War on all fronts!

UPDATE2: And the Whig posts what is hopefully the final chapter in the saga.

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