Former MPs

Scoop has done a story on what all the MPs who were forcibly retired are doing now.

The summary is:

Matt Robson – helping Ahemd Zaoui
John Tamihere – Waipareira Trust utu
Lesley Soper – home renovations
Jim Peters – Northland Regional Councillor
Brent Catchpole – Consultant (generally this is code for unemployed amongst ex MPs)
Dail Jones – Kumeu Law Centre
Craig McNair – losing virginity
Bill Gudgeon – babysitting grandkids
Mike Ward – Arty stuff
Gerry Eckoff – farming
Muriel Newman – Book on welfare reform!
Ken Shirley – Golf and surfing (sensible man)
Stephen Franks – Lawyer
Marc Alexander – Vigilante Gang
Larry Baldock – protecting daughters and learning Maori
Dr Bernie Oglivy – PhD Study
Murray Smith – Lawyer

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