The Sevens

Had a fun time at the Sevens. Caught up with several groups I knew before settling into my proper seat next to the Jamaican Netballers.

New Zealand had a great quarter-final victory but lost the semi-final to Fiji. They had a slow start with Fiji going two tries up but then played magnificently to take the lead. Then at the beginning of the second half the referee sent a NZ player off and the game was basically lost at that point. Losing a player is far harder to compensate for in Sevens than 15 a side.

Quite amusing that the crowd took the sending off quite personally and for the rest of the match the enemy wasn’t Fiji but the referee. I almost felt sorry for the ref having 35,000 people chant non-stop for six minutes “The referee is a wanker, the referee is a wanker” πŸ™‚

Lots of great costumes around, with a few photos below. Heh highlight was having a stunning blond in a revealing leather police uniform ask if I minded if she sat on the seat next to me for a while. Yeah sure I was going to mind πŸ™‚


Very impressive work by the SWAT Team.


Pump must have sold tens of thousands of bottles and also had a rugby ball throwing competition.


Speaks for itself!


Hopefully this photo doesn’t lead to any trade boycotts!

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