Whoops and Spin

The reply to all function on e-mail has got a few people into trouble over the years and the latest is a boss. You see it all started with a simple e-mail by the editor:

From: Editor [ have been deleted]
10/02/2006 09:14a.m
To All Staff

Morning all. Just a wee announcement to confirm or deny the rumours
depending on what you’ve heard – xxxxx has resigned from
aaaaaa to go and work for bbbbbbbbb. I have ads out currently seeking to hire a replacement senior journalist. yyyyyy will step up to deputy editor. Tx Editor

The publisher then sent a note to the editor, and accidentially replied to all so it went back to every staff member saying:

From: Publisher
10/02/2006 09:49a.m.
To Editor
cc All Staff

Hi Editor,

Can we discuss yyyyy taking on the role of Deputy Editor

Oh dear oh dear. You have just told all the staff you doubt both your Editor’s judgement and the new Deputy Editor. And you don’t want to lose them as well as the person who has just . So quick in seven minutes the spin arrives:

From: Publisher
10/02/2006 09:56a.m.
To All Staff

Seeing that I have cc’d everyone on the email!!! I might as well email
what I wanted to discuss.

I want to make a separate announcement in regards to yyyyy re: how brill
yyyyy is and that we are very excited that he has stepped up to the plate
and look forward to his work this year. Also to thank xxxxxx for her
dedication and input and wish her good luck for the future.


Well the publisher must be very glad the employer is a limited liability company so in the event of any lawuits, you’re protected from personal liability!

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