Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Remind me never to piss of anyone who produces a TV show.

The Southpark creators have really declared war on Scientology with both Isaac Hayes quitting as the voice of Chef and Tom Cruise stopping repeats of an episode mocking him and Scientology.

Episode 1 of the new Series 10 starts with Chef off to join the Super Adventurers Club and everyone really sad he is leaving but wishing him well that he has to follow his beliefs. For a couple of minutes you think Stone and Parker are just doing a nice farewell with no hard feelings to Chef.

But no he returns a short while later brainwashed and as a paedophile. He propositions all the kids as he serves them lunch. A hilarious scene follows as a psychologist uses a doll to ask them all if Chef has done any of the following to them. Use your imagination for how graphic it gets with the doll!

The kids try to unbrainwash him and succeed but he is kidnapped by the SAG (which is very obviously a parody of the Scientology Church). As they break him out he falls off a cliff and is impaled on a spike. This not being gory enough he is then mauled by a mountain lion and then has his limbs torn off by a grizzly bear.

Boy when they want to kill off a character they don’t mess around. Except he isn’t dead – he returns as Darth Chef 🙂

Russell also have watched the episode, saying:

I watched ‘The Return of Chef’ last night. It’s wildly offensive, both in general and more particularly to the Church of Scientology itself. It is also, as is the way of Stone and Parker, thoughtful and even touching.

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