It’s Friday which means …

It’s Friday which means there’s a new NBR out today. And the moment I got over a hang over on Sunday I realised that last weekend’s party would be irresistible. And sure enough:

Neo-Nazi shock

The country’s neo-Nazi movement was today plunged into its worst-ever crisis as members struggled to distance it from bizarre accounts of a private function in Auckland last weekend involving Act Youth members. At the controversial event, guests sipped on Baileys as they listened to the party’s main guest, prolific blogger and National party stalwart, David “Prince Harry” Farrar, performing a version of Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl, while a projector showed Nazi propaganda films. According to far-right traditionalists, however, the correct choice of music and drink for such an event would be Wagner and schnapps. One of the group’s leaders, who asked to be referred to only as Hans, said the movement had been “sickened” by news of the performance, which he said unfairly linked his own group of genuine lunatics with “imposters” who listened to the music of Billy Joel and enjoyed drinking Baileys, “a drink no one with any taste has had since 1985.” — Epsom Times

I am also mentioned in David Slack’s shortlist of potential SIS Directors.

I am competing against Paul Holmes, Steve Braunias, David Benson Pope, Michael Bassett, Nicky Watson and Ahmed Zaoui so my chances are pretty good.

Benson-Pope is probably my main rival for the job of SIS Director as I hear the CIA are backing him. They are impressed with his advocacy of water-boarding not just of terrorists in prison but also as a secondary school disciplinary method.

My application is summarised as”I am 94% evil, so no difficulty with scruples or disappearing the odd person.” I think this undersells me. I have excellent international connections. I used to have a top secret security clearance and if push comes to shove I’ll trample civil liberties to save lives.

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