NZ Govt gives $500K to terrorists

It was bad enough when Phil Goff went to the and held hands with Yasser Arafat but now Winston has topped that by donating $500,000 of NZ taxpayer money to the Palestinian Authority, which Hamas is about to take over after winning elections.

Hamas is absolutely refusing to renounce terrorism and/or wiping out Israel. And frankly one shouldn’t reward this by handing over money. They need to learn there are consequences to their refusal.

Some will argue that this money is going to the PA before Hamas takes over. I think it is rather naive to think that won’t translate into them gaining effective control of the money once they are in Government which could be in a few days. Of course if Arafat was still alive then he might have stolen most of the money by now, but I doubt his successors are as successful thieves as he was.

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