Must Read Blogs

I have so many blogs linked off the left hand side, that it can be daunting to try clicking on them all to see which ones you like.

From time to time I'm going to highlight in each category a blog which is worth checking out. Now this isn't a competition, so it is not ranking blogs or anything – just highlighting a few from time to time.

AustraliaTim Blair

Blair is Australia's most well read blogger, and for good reason. He is merciless with his ridicule of the deserving. He also seems to have an encyclopedic memory to recall and link to hypocritical statements people have made in the past. He even makes fun of his 13 year old niece's pet dog 🙂

Blair focused on global politics as much as Australian, but his coverage of Mark Latham and Kim Beazley alone makes him an essential read.

CanadaWarren Kinsella

Kinsella used to be a power broker in the Liberal Party under Jean Chretien. During the leadership of Paul Martin he was one of the party's most high profile critics. Not that Martin has gone and the Conservatives are in office he is starting to train his guns again on his traditional opponents.

Centre – Adam Gifford's nga korero o te wa

Gifford doesn't post a lot to his blog but what he does provide is a perspective on issues that is often absent from both the blogosphere and most media.


Valleywag is basically a celebrity tabloid blog, but focused on Silicon Valley companies. They don't take themselves too seriously but provide a read, with several stories a day

LeftNo Right Turn

Probably well known to most readers. Consistently well argued and principled, NRT adds real value to political debate.

NZWanda Harland by Martha.

It's hard to explain why I like this blog so much. I think because it is just so chatty and you get a real sense of personality with it. After a few weeks it becomes quite addictive.

OverseasFruit and Votes

This blog covers elections all over the world. Very useful.

RightLindsay Mitchell

Lindsay doesn't just cover stories in the media, but often does her own research. She should have been blogging years ago.

Iain Dale

Dale is a former candidate and former chief of staff to a Conservative Party . However he gets readers from all over the political spectrum for his blog coverage of politics and other issues. He also set up and owns the Politicos political bookshop. Updates several times a day and has lots of photos to spruce things up.

US – NRO's The Corner

National Review is one of the leading conservative media outlets in the US. I've never read their paper edition but love their online blogs. It's not that I agree with them on that many issues, but the fact their blog almost runs as a chat session between friends. It is very readable with half a dozen authors. And yes they sometimes to have some heated disagreements amongst themselves.