The fend-off

Mike Smith replies to the CEO on 6 September 2005. He doesn’t answer any of the detailed questions put forward by the CEO, except to say:

* The material is produce by the Office of the Leader of the Parliamentary Labour Party

* A requirement of parliamentary guidelines for such ‘policy material’ is that it not be used to carry a vote message

* It doesn’t carry the words “Party Vote”

* All other questions should be addressed to the Office of the Leader

The CEO responds on 12 September noting the earlier questions were not answered in full, and noting a further complaint about the A2 flyer has been received. He repeats his questions, asking in essence:

1) Confirmation it is being distributed to every household, and how

2) Whether Smith authorised the advertising

3) Why is there no authorisation statement under Section 221

4) Any points Labour wishes to make as to why this should not be referred to the Police

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