You need to apply for the $3 credit

Most people know about the Xtra outages which lasted for three to four days. They have said there will be a 4 day credit, which is equal to around $3.50 for most Xtra users.

Now a friend has just shown me the e-mail from Xtra which says you have to fill in an online form and apply for the refund!!!

Now time is money, and people will not want to spend ten minutes finding their phone bill, and copying over the exact account holder name, the account number, plus phone and e-mail just to get back less than $4.

Surely Telecom could just apply the refund to all broadband accounts, or even as a compromise allow people to apply for it with just their username and password (which you don’t need to look up generally).

This is just going to offend more of their own customers I suspect.

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