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Having abolished an air force strike wing, what would be the reaction of the Government if it learnt a plane had taken off from Wellington and in 60 to 90 minutes was going to hit the Sky Tower?

(a) Ask everyone in the CBD to move away from the Sky Tower
(b) Ask Bush to test out the US Star Wars defence system by taking out the plane
(c) Hope Johnnie Howard can get a plane over here in time
(d) Send the Minister for Auckland Issues into the Sky Tower and declare her a cultural icon, so that the pilot will change his mind.

I mean who needs a combat wing for an air force, because our PM has declared we live in a benign strategic environment. A benign strategic environment ignores:

(a) terrorist plot uncovered in Australia
(b) flatmate of terrorist pilot found doing pilot training in NZ
(c) Riots in Solomons
(d) Civil War in East Timor
(e) threatened coup (again) in Fiji

In fact I wonder if anything could convince the Prime Minister to say that we no longer live in a benign strategic environment?

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