Farm Dogs are exempted

Congrats to the Greens just voted with National, ACT, Maori and United Future to exempt farm dogs from micro-chipping.

The Greens wanted no micro-chipping at all, and had held out for that but sensibly it seems decided getting some dogs exempt was better than none.

Very messy for the to lose after piling so much pressure on. In the end only Labour, Progressive plus the Poodle Party voted for it, it seems.

UPDATE: The Greens split votes (rare for a party). Four Greens voted for the farm dog exemption and two against. means it passed 61:60.

In favour of exempting farm dogs:

National: 48
Green: 4
Maori: 4
United: 3
ACT: 2

Total: 61


Labour: 50
Progressive: 1
Poodles: 7
Green: 2

Total: 60

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