Reminiscent of the dying years of Sir Robert Muldoon’s reign

“It’s all horribly reminiscent of the dying years of Sir Robert Muldoon’s reign” is how Fran O’Sullivan describes Helen Clark’s “tired tactics of demonising her opponents as ‘unpatriotic’ when they tell the truth about New Zealand’s declining international competitiveness.”

O’Sullivan points out that Muldoon’s classis trick was to “resort to personal attacks rather than debating the substance of critical issues”.

The whole article should be read, especially this part:

If Clark allows Field to play hardball she will have crossed an ethical line from where there should be no real recovery.

The debate should not be about whether Field should force a byelection, but whether the Government is so bankrupt in purpose that a full-scale general election should be held.

t’s barely more than six months since the September election where took power after clearly breaching electoral spending limits.

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