Broadcasting Parliament

The Dominion Post slams Parliament’s plan to broadcast itself, but I couldn’t disagree with them more.

In a typical “old ” mindset they say that and their colleagues cover Parliament entirely adequately, and that anyone wanting more than that can use Hansard or turn up in person.

Well I don’t want the Dominion Post choosing for me what parts of Parliament I can view. I believe that Parliament is best held accountable by improving remote access to its functioning.

So I don’t just want the House broadcast whenever it is sitting, let alone the current question time only. Ideally I want every select committee to be broadcast or at least webcast. I want to be able to witness remotely submissions to select committees etc.

Finally I note that the Dom Post editorial refers to how James King, deaf and 16 months old, had to wait for a needed operation, and they suggest that the Govt should be spending money on such operations instead of broadcasting Parliament.

I have an alternate solution to help fund such operations. It could start charging rent on the press gallery offices, and use that rent to fund more operations. After all why should multinational companies worth billions of dollars get free accommodation from the taxpayer?

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