National Leadership

Fran O’Sullivan talks about National leadership, in the backdrop of the Australian Liberal Party leadership issue.

I think Fran is a bit tough on Don over the TV3 Poll handling. She says he should have refused to discuss his leadership at all, and just pointed people to the Roy Morgan poll which showed 8% ahead.

Taking these in reverse order, I understand that National drew attention to the Morgan poll at every opportunity. The fact the media only regard as news worthy the polls which put National behind, is not Don’s fault. To be fair some media did mention the Morgan poll in reporting the TV3 poll.

As for whether Don should be more “gifted in the dark arts of politics” and brush off any talk of leadership – I’m not sure I agree. Certainly that would be my advice for other MPs, but a large factor in Don’s appeal is that he isn’t a typical politician – he does answer the question, he does acknowledge when he stuffs up etc etc.

However John Armstrong also agrees with Fran, so perhaps it could have been handled better.

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