The truth about ticket quotas revealed

There has long been suspicion that in recent years the issuing of tickets is more about quotas and revenue than the very important task of road safety. Speed cameras have gone from targeting the top 15% of speedsters to all over the tolerance limit etc.

Today the Herald on Sunday has blown a hole through the Police’s insistence that there are no quotas. Read this extract:

A June 21 job sheet for police officers in the Central North Island area tells officers to set up road blocks so they can target high volumes of traffic to finish “top group” in their district before the end of the financial year.

So police officers are told to ticket as many motorists as possible so that they can be rewarded for being “top group”.

It has been sad to watch the reputation of the Police get lower and lower every year. They used to be one of the great institutions of state that all could rely on.

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