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Phil U at Whoar claims the TVNZ 3% poll rating for the Greens is due to the choice of Russel Norman as co-leader.

Now it should be noted that Phil campaigned against Mr Norman, and is hardly a neutral commentator on this. And it is also too simplistic to tie a poll rating (esp from just one poll) to one factor. However it did get me thinking – what impact is Russel Norman making in the media?

Google News has almost no mention at all. Excluding PRs on Scoop, there is only a mention on Newstalk ZB and Hawke’s Bay Today.

And for the sake of comparison, Nandor Tanczos on Google News has 11 news items.

This is not to suggest Norman is not working hard – he in facts does many PRs a week. Just the reality that non MPs find it very hard to get press coverage.

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