US News Trends

Pew have released their annual media survey. Many fascinating trends:

* Nightly Network News viewing down from 60% in 1993 to 28% in 2006
* Online News viewing up from 2% in 1995 to 31% in 2006
* Amongst under 30s, the same percentage (24%) read news online as nead a newspaper
* 20% listen regulary to political talk radios vs 17% for national public radio

Another Pew report, just on blogging finds:

* blog population now up to 8% of adult internet users
* blog readership has jumped to 39% of the online population
* 54% of bloggers say that they have never published their writing or creations anywhere else
* 54% of bloggers are under the age of 30.
* Women and men have statistical parity in the blogosphere, with women representing 46% of bloggers and men 54%.
* 76% of bloggers say a reason they blog is to document their personal experiences and share them with others.

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