Air NZ Internet options

Air NZ is consulting on what passengers want in terms of cellphone, e-mail and access on planes.

Here is what I want:


Voice Calls – not needed for domestic flights

Texting – would be very very useful to be able to send and receive texts – can advise people that you are landing etc.

E-mail – Mobile E-mail through a Blackberry would be useful

Internet – no need for an on-plane service but would be good if those with mobile broadband could access it, if they desire.


Voice Calls – these could get very annoying to other passengers, yet are in theory possible anyway through on-flight phones. Would be nice to allow cheaper calls through cellphones but maybe restrict use to business class where one can talk in a less intrusive way

Texting – yes very desirable

Internet (inc e-mail): An on-flight option like the Boeing service is highly desirable. I would choose an airline which has Internet availability over one which does not. Would be willing to pay around $50 to have this available for a 12 hour flight, as it means you day is not wasted.

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