Brash Coverage

Again I would caution people to restrict debate to known facts, and to show some sensitivity is discussing issues.

Grant at NZ Pundit has an excellent post called “Reaching New Lows” which I heartily endorse.

The NZ Herald reports on the speculation on Don Brash’s future. It is ironic that questions of leadership had gone away after the party conference and that media had been noting Brash had been front-footing it in the House. While one’s personal life should not be a factor, it is inevitable that until Don returns to work, speculation will occur.

The NZ Herald also confirms the multiple mentions of the affair in the House by Trevor Mallard. I have also been told by journalists that Labour Cabinet Ministers has been pushing the story around the gallery very actively over the last fortnight trying to persuade someone to run with it. While Brian Connell provided the opportunity to classify it as legitimate, let there be no mistake that Labour have shattered the conventions on MP’s private lives.

Audrey Young canvasses the political ramifications.

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