Clark does a u-turn

In today’s NZ Herald Helen Clark declares “her heart sank” when Mallard started to dish dirt, and that what Mallard did was not part of ’s strategy. This is absolute crap, and very very easy to disprove. It also comes around a week too late to be credible.

Clark sat smiling in the House when both Mallard and Benson-Pope alluded to the alleged affair.

Clark allowed headlines for days on end that Labour were prepared to reveal dirt if National did not stop the attacks over the pledge card.

Clark herself alluded to knowledge of the stolen e-mails and with a smirk teased the media and public with wait and see what is in them.

At the same time the media reported that Labour and NZ First were debating whether to publish all or just some of the e-mails, as some of them were thought to be very personal.

Labour’s strategist Pete Hodgson was asked on Agenda whether they resiled from what Mallard said, and he did not disown Mallard’s tactics but instead said that if National calls Labour corrupt over the pledge card, then they will hit back with everything they have.

And finally you had a sneering smirking Prime Minister declare that because of the news of Brash’s alleged affair, she regarded Brash as unable to tackle her in the House on questions of integrity.

Now sorry you do not have all of the above happen on your watch, and then as you realise the public are offended by your tactics, suddenly try to distance yourself from it. Clark had every opportunity to close down the Labour campaign and she did not. As much as we all like to kick Mallard (and often deservedly) anyone who thinks a very senior cabinet minister acts on his own is these things is dreaming.

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