Clark loses it

Barely a day after Helen renounced personal attacks, and distanced herself from Trevor Mallard, she has let lose today with this to say about Don Brash:

regards Dr Brash as a corrosive and cancerous person within the New Zealand political system,”

“From the time he became National Party leader he started his polarizing, extreme attacks and behaviour.”

“He was not fit to be leader”

At the very time people are saying the debate should be on issues and policies, not people, Clark calls Brash “cancerous”.

I’m sorry but is the woman serious? Can she not even see the hypocrisy of accusing Brash of “extreme attacks” in the same interview as she calls him cancerous.

Can anyone read that and tell me they honestly honestly believe Clark did not authorise Mallard’s attacks on Brash?

Also isn’t it unhealthy for Clark to hate someone that much?

UPDATE: And it was just yesterday that she accussed the Auditor-General of smearing her and Labour. So Dr Brash is cancerous and the Auditor-General smears people. A bit of a pattern here about how she describes people who are a threat to her.

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