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All students at Vic who pay the VUWSA levy should read this excellent post by Graeme Edgeler on the background to the current attempts to increase the levy.

Graeme shows that the problem isn’t lack of inflation adjustement but out of control increases in expenditure in recent years.

The exec has entrenched a structural deficit of $300,000 a year into VUWSA. From a $200,000 surplus just three years ago. And they are looking to VUWSA’s members, without really giving them any say in how their money is spent, to salvage them.

The exec either knew, or should have known, that they were continuing to lead VUWSA in an unsustainable financial direction. They have squandered the opportunity to either do something about it, or engage with students in a debate over what should be done. This debate should have happened in the first semester, and there really isn’t enough time to have it in the 10 days before the next vote is taken.

And Graeme has a recommendation for the Executive:

One matter remains. Should the exec again fail to get two-thirds of at least 100 VUWSA members to agree to the levy increase they propose then they have one option remaining:

Resign. En masse.

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