More Field allegations

The Thai tiler at the centre of the Field inquiry has reversed his evidence to the Ingram Inquiry, alleging he said what Field told him to say.

The problem we have is that Helen Clark deliberately set up the Ingram Inquiry as an investigation with no powers. It wasn’t able to compel evidence under oath, so there were no repercussions if one lied to QC Ingram. Ingram himself noted much evidence was unsatisfactory (polite term for false) including Field’s.

Siriwan has now done sworn affadavits alleging Field instructed him to tell the police he had not done any tiling on the MP’s property in Samoa and also that Field last year invited Siriwan to his house in Mangere and told him that if he went to Samoa to do tiling on Mr Field’s house, “he will get me back to New Zealand with a work permit”.

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