Laws on Smacking

Some common sense from Michael Laws on the anti-smacking bill:

It won’t save one Kahui, Lillybing or Coral-Ellen Burrows.

Which is the real problem with the liberal, white women who are chiefly responsible for this anti-smacking legislation. They think child abusers are like them. That putting up a “Stop” sign in parliament will amend their behaviour. It’s like wearing a white ribbon to stop domestic violence – a meaningless gesture.

They will, in fact, achieve the opposite of their aim. They will make potential criminals of literally hundreds of thousands of New Zealand parents. We “correct with force” because we love, we occasionally smack so that we may save. And we have a very simple message for the Bradfords, Pillays and Riches of this world.

We don’t tell you how to raise your kids. You don’t tell us how to raise ours.

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