Now crosses are banned from chapels

Middlemore hospital managers have removed a crucifix from the hospital chapel (or spiritual centre to use its new politically correct name). All religious symbols except a permanently installed Muslim foot bath have been removed.

Just nuts. Absolute nuts.

Yes hospital chapels should be open to all faiths, But you don’t achieve that by banning crucifixes. You have as many religious symbols as necessary to cover the likely profile of patients. Have Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist symbols all there.

There are some situations where we are not secular enough. I think it is highly inappropriate the parliamentary prayer refers to Jesus Christ, as that makes it specific to one religion. But for God’s sake having a crucifix in a “spiritual centre” is not going to offend anyone.

I swear one day it will be illegal to explain the traditions behind Easter and Xmas in case this offends someone.

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