I did enjoy the comparison of mission statements between NZ’s MFAT and Australia’s DFAT in Fran O’Sullivan’s latest column.


“to recognise and understand international trends, opportunities and risks that affect New Zealand, and to offer the Government advice on how to protect and advance our well-being … so it contributes to the Government’s overall objective of transforming New Zealand into a dynamic, knowledge-based economy and society, under-pinned by the values of fairness, opportunity and security for all.”


“to advance the interests of Australia and Australians internationally”

No marks for guessing which one I prefer.

Oh and talking of Fran, she has commented on Jordan’s blog after Jordan attacked her for suggesting a lack of moral fibre in Labour over Taito Field. She is unimpressed with Jordan’s suggestion that everyone wanted him gone but it wasn’t in Labour’s interests to say so publicly.

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