Chinese Government tries to censor local press again

One has little choice but to engage constructively with the Government. Apart from their size and power, they are a step above the former in that their ambitions don’t stretch to a global empire etc.

But the incident yesterday in Wellington is a timely reminder that they are fundamentally an intolerant Government. They refused to take part in an official signing ceremony because they objected to a journalist – an accredited member of the press gallery. Bad enough they suppress the media in their own country, but I really resent it when they try to do it here also.

The other thing i resent is their near total disregard for the truth, claiming the signing was delayed because the talks had gone on for longer than expected, when it was in fact their attempt to suppress the media. They have a culture where they are used to being able to lie, and not be held accountable for it.

So while I favour engagement and trade, we should never forget the nature of the beast we deal with.

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