HDPA on the billion dollar boomer bike bridge

HDPA writes:

Of course ordinary voters were going to hate the Boomer Bike Bridge to Birkenhead. You’d struggle to find a project that does a better job of screaming “middle class indulgence” to people struggling to make ends meet.

When you’re stuck in congestion for close to two hours driving into the city from Pōkeno every morning because that’s the only place you could afford to buy a house, that bridge looks like an indulgence.

When the median price of a house in your suburb is $875,000, you are going to resent paying for a bridge that connects Takapuna to Herne Bay with its $3m median price.

When you’re in one of the 170,000 cars on the Harbour Bridge each day and the Government won’t build another harbour crossing for cars to free up congestion, you are going to be pissy at it building a bridge for 3000 cyclists a day to use.

The boomer bike bridge will no doubt end up costing around a billion dollars, as we know costs always come in well above budget.

It may be used by 3,000 cyclists so that is around $300,000 per cyclist they’ll be wasting taxpayers money on.

When you’re in Ashburton and you’ve been begging for a second bridge for years so that your town doesn’t get cut in half like it did last week during the rain storms, you are going to resent being told no, while the Government spends 21 times that money on a luxury bike lane.

It really is insulting.

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